Analyze Your Data

This section of documentation covers everything you’ll need to know to deploy a working Pachyderm cluster and build your own analysis to process whatever data you want.

If you’re brand new to Pachyderm, you should check out our Getting Started documentation to install Pachyderm locally and learn the basic concepts.

Deploying on the Cloud: Get Pachyderm deployed on AWS, GCE, Azure, or OpenShift.

Getting Your Data into Pachyderm: Get your own data into Pachyderm.

Creating Analysis Pipelines: Get your code running in Pachyderm and processing data.

Pipeline Specification: A complete reference on the advanced features of Pachyderm pipelines.

Getting your Results: Read out results from specific input commits.

Updating Pipelines: Interate on pipelines as you learn from your data.

Usage Metrics

Pachyderm automatically reports anonymized usage metrics. These metrics help us understand how people are using Pachyderm and make it better. They can be disabled by setting the env variable METRICS to false in the pachd container.